A NEW APPROACH OF FASHION ACCESSORIES – Lena Santana’s brand new ‘inception’

Lena Santana, the established London based fashion designer, with an ethically and environmentally  friendly approach towards fashion, is launching a glamorous new accessories collection that will run along with her clothing lines though out the whole year, which is definitely going to be in the top of your shopping want list!

Garments so soft for the female body, made of 100% cotton, unique vintage selections of flowery and lace textiles create this colorful accessories line that takes us decades back to a romantic blissful époque. Every single piece is hand made in the Lena Santana studios in London, guaranteeing the perfect appearance and fit that an accessory can have, taking a woman’s outfit levels higher, with an elegance that every lady deserves.

Exceptional fabric necklaces, girly, lively collors and flowery, extraordinary belts, playful sexy turbans, extra-wide boyish ties that can take the place of the mainstream belts, are some of the protagonists in Lena Santana’s new adorable accessories collections.

Lena Santana’s Brazilian origin have always had an impact on her designs since the very beginning of her career, an element that is also quite dominant and obvious in this brand new accessories line. Lena’s accessories can make a simple outfit to stand out of the majority by making it alternatively fashionable.

Photographer: Zoe Hunn
Production: Lena Santana
Make up artist: Erika de la Barquera
Stylists: Gabriela Moureato, Mariana Zamperlini
Production assistant: Marianne Maedo
Models: Lily Phellera and Charlotte Fletchere

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